Hospices de Nuits, Nuits St-Georges Les St Georges, Cuvée Georges Faiveley, 1ER Cru, 2006, 750 mL

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Its perfect eastern exposure gives Nuits-Saint- Georges the ability to produce wines of great prestige. The appellation, almost exclusively restricted to red wines, is grown on strictly defined areas in Nuits-Saint-Georges and Premeaux-Prissey. Nuits-Saint-Georges generally has a deep red color. The aromas are powerful and complex: a combination of cherry and black current, and as it reaches maturity, one detects nuances of forest vegetation, truffles with spicy and animal connotations. Nuits-Saint-Georges has one of the highest tannin contents of all the Burgundies. Its firm structure guarantees a long cellarage capability. It opens out at between five and ten years, and a great vintage can be kept up to twenty years. The taste of young wine can be improved by transferring it to a carafe before drinking, so allowing it to breathe. The robust quality of this wine makes it a suitable companion for any flavourful dish. Mature wine 15-16˚C (59-60˚F) Young wine 12˚C (54˚F).

This wine compliments Venison pâté; haunch of young wild boar; leg of mutton cooked for seven hours; all cheeses other than blue.

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